Con­-Cept Cards is a mission based greeting cards company specializing in institution based greeting cards

Hello! We are Con-Cept Cards Family! We are excited to have you visiting our page in search for the perfect greeting card that your loved one can relate to. We created our business just for you! We understand how important it is to love someone who is incarcerated because all of our artists are incarcerated themselves. Who would know what a prisoner needs if not a prisoner himself?

At Con­-Cept Cards we have worked hard to allow the prisoners who are confined in penitentiaries to use their time in positive ways. Con­-Cept Greeting Cards ARE PRISONER SOURCED! We provide prisoners with a way to use their time in a positive way and channel their ideas by taking their time detailing their experiences using their artistic talents. We have found that institutions who participate with us in sourcing these greeting cards have experienced a decline in violence and dorm and prison behavior sanctions. We are giving prisoners the ability to channel their energy into something that will brighten someone’s day along with their own.

Con­-Cept Greeting Cards was created to provide authentic artist rendered greeting cards with an institutional spin. Countless greeting cards are sent to incarcerated loved ones every day across the United States and for many, this is their primary connection with the outside world. Father’s Day cards, Mother’s Day cards, Christmas cards, Birthday cards, Encouragement cards, Funny cards and so many other greeting cards are sent to inmates everyday. There is nothing better when having to do jail time than hearing “mail call” and getting mail from a loved one.

Con-­Cept Cards provides a unique and comical line of greeting cards that display real life scenarios that everyone who is or has been incarcerated can relate to. They define moments of life behind the fence they have either seen or been a part of while incarcerated. Inclusively, our cards give the public a sneak peak into the lives of their incarcerated loved ones.

Remember this … the happiest and most joyful moments of these incarcerated men and women’s time is when they receive mail.

Con­-Cept Greeting Cards is the first of its kind company in an industry that allows you to reach out to the ones you love during birthdays, holidays and special occasions with greeting cards fit for the occasion.

Even a D.U.I. or doing an overnight for an offense can be used to bring humor to an upcoming birthday or special holiday.

During birthdays and Christmas time everyone loves to receive greeting cards and inmates are no different than anyone else. Many inmates simply made a poor decision that they now regret but have no way to go back and correct their past mistakes.

For those prisoners who are incarcerated and don’t have much support from the outside world, Con-Cept Cards has provided a way for the public to reach them! Click here to see how we have worked to include you in this charitable venture!

Many prisoners who are incarcerated don’t have much support from the outside world and some never get a single letter or greeting card their entire sentence! Click here to see how we are working to change that!

Change a Life Today


Con-­Cept Greeting Cards is also focused on outreach and change, one prisoner at a time. We strongly encourage our customers, churches and charities to sponsor a prisoner who does not have any support and who is incarcerated during the holidays. Through your sponsorship Con-Cept Cards Family will send a prisoner a card from our gallery! That’s right! Con-Cept Cards has a program setup for YOU where you can send a card to a prisoner, who without our program, would not get any correspondence from anyone. This makes for a very sad holiday season for those who don’t have family who cares for them on the outside. EVERYONE can help to make an impact through our donations page!

These are humorous and easily relatable (to prisoners) greeting cards designed to lighten the inmates’ mood and also give them the opportunity to feel special and cared about. Apart from the mental and physical constraints of being incarcerated, many prisoners go through an emotionally tough time during the holidays, Father’s Day, their birthdays, etc., leading to an uptick in violence, fights and problems at prisons all over the United States. By participating in the Con-Cept Greeting Cards donation program, you are doing your part to help make someone else’s life a little bit brighter.

As you know, thousands upon thousands of greeting cards are sent to incarcerated individuals every day. What’s missing, however, is the recipient’s ability to relate to the card itself along with the message. Con­-Cept Greeting Cards aims to unify the experience that receiving a greeting card creates for an incarcerated individual who will cherish the message while simultaneously relating to the art depicted. Heck, the inmate recipient may reach out to us and even make some greeting cards of their own!

Greeting cards are not able to be sent to prisoners in Washington state by law.