Prodigal Son Ministry (a charity arm of Con-Cept Cards LLC) is a Florida based ministry that uses our authentic and artistically drawn, prison sourced Birthday cards, Christmas cards, Father’s Day cards, Mother’s Day cards, Miss You cards and Love You cards in loving outreach to incarcerated individuals. Our cards touch the lives of prisoners who don’t have anyone on the outside. We use our cards and concepts as an outreach to allow the general public an opportunity, to let them know that they are loved and cared for.

Prodigal Son Ministries is also a mission based company specializing in bridging the gap between prisoners and their families. Before a prisoner integrates into society he must first be integrated back into his own family. Con­-Cept Cards is a proud partner of Prodigal Son Ministries’ sponsorship program. We encourage everyone to give prisoners hope of a better future and to support our vision of rehabilitating prisoners before they integrate back into society.

Through our site, you have the opportunity to sponsor rehabilitated programs that will reduce the recidivism rate in our nation. In doing so Con-Cept Cards will provide free cards for every special occasion such as Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and any other special day to prisoners who otherwise would have no correspondence from anyone. For every $5 you donate you will receive one artistically handcrafted greeting card from our gallery to send to a prisoner. Every cent of every donation will be spent in assisting prisoners to educate themselves, to reconnect with family (sons and daughters) and to provide prisoners with the materials essential for their rehabilitation process so they can become good fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. This small gesture of support will inspire them to become productive citizens of our society.

At any point in time, 2.2 million Americans are imprisoned for various offenses. Many of these prisoners regret their decision and are looking for someone to believe in them. Prodigal Son Ministry is how we reach out to them to let them know that we care. The world CAN forgive and we want to share that message through action. The vast majority of prisoners can reform and will eventually rejoin society, but what mindset will they be in when released. Our vision…our mission needs your sponsorship to help change a life you may run into in the grocery store or at a gas station.

Our card concepts will lighten moods and bring joy and hope to those who have little hope and little love while incarcerated. We know that our sponsorship program for free Birthday cards and Christmas cards are the only outreach that some of these men receive. Con-Cept Cards believes so strongly in prison reform that for every card purchased 20% of the price is donated to rehabilitation programs to help ease prisoners back into society as productive citizens.

Join us in sending free birthday cards to incarcerated individuals across the United States through our sponsorship program. You would be surprised to see the reaction of prisoners when they receive one of our Con-Cept free greeting cards for Father’s day, Christmas, birthdays, or just because. It doesn’t even need to be a special occasion for you to reach out to someone with a humorous greeting showing that you care.

If you share our passion, click the button to donate and make a difference in someone’s life today! Please feel free to share our pages via social media ­and you can always reach out to us to become a partner, get in touch for assistance or leave feedback. We’d love to know what you think!

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