Prison Themed Greeting Cards

May 8, 2019 0 By admin

Prison Themed Greeting Cards

Prison themed greeting cards are a kind of rare specialty. A prison themed greeting card depicts the most wild and bazaar occurrences that only prisoners’ and those who work within the penal system are privy to. These rare moments of humor are for the most part laughed at and forgotten. But only those who have seen and experienced prison life can appreciate the humor in those occasions when the loneliness seems to suspend itself to allow a moment of laughter.

For the most part prisoners’ receive all kinds of greeting cards from their loved ones who wish to share their love, concern and compassion. But rarely are they able to send a card a prisoner can relate to because there are none. Which is why prisoners’ have taken on the challenge of creating prison themed cards for family and friends to send to their incarcerated loved ones. Who better to know what card would make a prisoners’ day than a prisoner himself?!

These greeting cards capture the humor of rare occasions that prisoners’ experience, and while it’s humorous to those incarcerated it’s simultaneously educative to the public. To share these moments with the public through art is a gift in and of itself. These greetings cards reveal moments that family and friends would otherwise never see if it weren’t depicted for them in simple card. Some will be shocked, others may be amused but we want to both shock and amuse our beloved public with captured snippets of everyday prison life.