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Welcome to the leading authority in cards for prisoners where you can personalize the perfect message for the perfect person. In their effort to share with you what your incarcerated loved one would love to receive from you, our cards are artistically handcrafted by prisoners for prisoners. All of us here at Customized Greeting Cards are happy to serve you in your search for the perfect greeting card for the perfect person. It is our aim to give the best experience in customizing the card you have visualized and anxious to create with your own personal touch.

A card that will ultimately deliver the message you long to convey is a card that will never grow old. It will remain a constant reminder of a feeling…of an emotion shared at a particular time and place.


I have always placed a great deal of importance on personalized messages. I understand that in today’s era of communication we have many platforms through which we can communicate faster and easier. However, no one can replace the power of the written letter and the significance of a card.

My Wife still has all the cards I have sent her in a decorated box in the closet of her bedroom. She frequently dumps it out on her bed to re-read my thoughts and emotion, or comments I made that I will never outlive! They have become memories captured in time that remind her of my love in the days when it’s not so obvious.

I love the fact that messages of love withstand the test of time, especially when it is personalized! I truly believe that, God forbid our house burn to the ground, my wife would ensure that her box of my personalized cards and letters made it out safely. That is the POWER of love personalized!


Simply because there is no other like Customized Greeting Cards! Our cards are specifically for those with incarcerated loved ones. Every family in America has been affected by the results of incarceration in one way or another. Which is why we see ourselves, not as another website but as a lifeline of restoration.


There is only one goal for our greeting card family and that is help you reconnect with your incarcerated loved ones and give you the best experience in the process.

One of the most important ways to reconnect with the people you love is by being provided with a glimpse of what they see and experience in their everyday life while incarcerated.


Joey D

Please feel free to contact me if yo have any questions at Joey@conceptgreetingcards.com